Resources for hiring, retaining and promoting people with disabilities in your organization.
Everything you need to help assess an accommodation in the work place.  Great educational tool on specific disabilities as well.

This link is for the ODEP - Office of Disability Employment and Policy of the Department of Labor.  This link is a disability employment policy resource by topic.

This article challenges HR professionals to adopt a new framework of “inclusion” by empowering all and provides great resources. CLICK HERE

Access4All Spokane is a coalition of leaders in Spokane County whose goal is to strengthen our communities by increasing choices for people of all ages who experience a disability. They celebrate, encourage, and spread the word about places, services and events which have accessibility and demonstrate disability-friendliness. They educate people who want to learn why and how to remove different kinds of barriers that keep people from fully participating in and contributing to the cultural, civic and economic lives of our communities. They advise people who want to confidently provide high quality customer service for people with disabilities along with their families, friends, colleagues and visitors.  They build relationships that empower everyone through ‘win-win’ solutions. You can find out more about Access4All by emailing [email protected] or www.access4allspokane.org  or www.facebook.com/access4allspokane.