Chapter Awards

The Platinum Excel Award

Platinum Excel award is given by SHRM through the SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE). This program has been designed to ensure a strong connection between SHRM and its affiliated chapters from a business perspective. In addition to clearly outlining requirements to measure chapter alignment and engagement with SHRM’s overall objectives, SHAPE focuses on activities and initiatives which are strategic in nature. These efforts allow each affiliated chapter to increase its viability and effectiveness, as well as promote the HR profession at the local level.

Membership Superstar Status Award

The Superstar Status Award is given for not only maintaining your chapter’s membership numbers, but for achieving more than a 4% increase in membership growth.

Foundation Chapter Champions Award

The SHRM Foundation’s Champions Program recognizes exceptional SHRM state councils and chapters for their commitment, leadership and generous support of the annual fundraising campaign in support of the SHRM Foundation.