Membership Benefits

Maximize your opportunities by becoming a member of an affiliated chapter. Membership in a SHRM-affiliated chapter means access to a local network of HR professionals, as well as professional-development programs, products and services in your community that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your organization.

Even more great reasons to join your local chapter:

  • Over 25 affiliated local chapters providing professional development opportunities through monthly meetings, workshops, seminars, newsletter and job banks

  • HRM/Job Seminars & Webinar opportunities

  • Annual Regional Conferences

  • Networking opportunities with other HR professionals

  • Quarterly newsletters

  • Leadership training for volunteers

  • Regional awards for chapter and individuals

  • Leadership development opportunities

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If you have already signed up with SHRM and are now affiliating with INSHRM, please complete the INSHRM Membership Application. If you have not yet joined SHRM click here to access their online application:

As a reminder, to be a member of INSHRM you MUST be a current member of SHRM.
INSHRM Membership is free of charge to SHRM members!